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Meet the Theodsfolk

We seek noble folk, and true...

More information on the various ranks and positions within our theod can be found in the blog section of this site.   We are looking for open-minded, motivated, reliable, and honorable individuals to join us in our cause to bring the religion and folkways of the Northern European people of Midgard back to its rightful place among the world's folk religions.   Native Americans, Africans, and many other indiginous folk cultures all have  unique and vibrant religions practiced by their ancestors for untold generations.   We European-descended folk also have such a path, one which long predates the advent of Christianity, a foreign religion from the Near East that was by and large forced upon our ancestors whether they willed it or not.   In these times, we have a choice, and a chance  to reclaim our birthright and our heritage.  Each individual had a role to play in these indiginous folk societies, and our theod is no different.  If you have read our blogs describing our ancestral faith and you feel a stirring within your soul and the fires of inspiration seething in your blood, you may be a wonderful addition to the tribe.   


Jarl Arngrim Aethelwulfar


Gothi Olaf Trae Talara

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