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The Loyal Thanes Theod

Heed the Call of your Kin Foregone

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Who We Are

A theodish Heathen kindred in the Owensboro, Kentucky area dedicated to the communal practice of the ancient Northern European folk religion of our ancestors.

We at the Loyal Thanes Theod call for a full, unapologetic, and unflinching return to the folk beliefs and practices of the Heathen religion.  We strive to emulate the ancestors in all that we do:  to think, speak, and interact with one another as they did.  To believe in the Aesir, Vanir, and spirits of the Elder Troth as fervently as they believed.  To embrace the knowledge and direct experience of higher spiritual realities that they affirmed to be as much a part of "reality" as the more mundane aspects of existence.  To see the natural world with the awe and reverence that they felt for it.   To value all that they valued, and to never compromise on these principles where the materialist, hyper-rational, skeptical modern world conflicts with them.


Regular Blots and Sumbels Held as a Tribe

The rites of Blot and Sumbel as practiced by our theod are designed to take participants back through the centuries and reconnect them to the ancestors and the faith they practiced while staying anchored in the present.

We teach members to truly sense the presence of the gods and to fully understand and appreciate every facet of the Heathen religious experience.

We are not just a religious group: we are a vibrant community authentically structured as the Heathen societies of old were.  All aspects of life are to be permeated with the tenets of the Elder Troth.


Study Sessions and Activities

We offer an immersive and thorough curriculum of study to the aspiring member to help them fully understand and appreciate what it means to be a Heathen in thought, word, and deed.

We feel that "faith" must not stop at mere belief in the gods and spirits of the Elder Troth: it should go farther!  We teach spiritual practices that help expand the psychic senses so that members can communicate with and experience them directly.


Rune Galdr, Seidcraft, and other Traditional Forms of Magick

Our theod fully embraces the practice of Magick as a gift of Odin and Freyja, not to be eschewed or ignored.

All members will be given instruction in the rudiments of witchcraft and the magickal practices of the Northern European tradition.  


Whether you are new to our religion or have been a Heathen for quite some time, be sure to visit the blog section of our site.  The blogs provide a compendium of basic information for people new to Heathenry as well as demonstrate our theod's unique ideology and philosophy; our "take" on the practice of our religion.  See if our theod is right for you!  Any questions not addressed in the blogs that a reader has can be sent to the email provided below.  

Contact The Loyal Thanes

To get in touch with us regarding membership, use the email or phone number provided below:


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